Megan & Joey: Married At The Spencer Country Inn in Spencer MA

Two awesome individuals. One incredible couple!

I have been lucky enough to know Megan and Joey for years. Hanging with them means the best of two worlds: Want to go full throttle and aren’t afraid of a few broken bones, Team Megan. Or, you can always hop on over to Team Joey for a slightly more laid-back, but definitely humorous POV.

But now, ladies and gentlemen, life has gotten SO much better:  Meg and Joey have gone and made Team JEGAN is official! Congrats guys!

Megan and Joey’s wedding day was a great mix of both of them and I was so happy to spend some time with both of them individually before they tied the knot two weeks ago.

Meg and the girls started off at the Jegan Residence in super cute jammies for all – including little Ava. There were mimosas and makeup, lots of laughter and even a few happy tears.

Joey and the guys were just down the road at a friend’s house where two generations of Knipes and three generations of Tonelli men gathered and goofed, some of it for the camera, some of it just because. Joey was great about remembering to “bring back the backwards hat” and looking totally casual, as one would expect. 

Their wedding ceremony was beautiful, and actually quite hilarious at times (both because of the Priest’s anecdotes and the groomsmen in the front row) and ended with big smiles and a lot of kisses. 

Moore State Park provided a great backdrop for some crazy bridal party shots but also for some quieter moments when Meg, Joey and I slipped around to the back entrance to grab a few intimate portraits. 

At the reception, Megan and Joey surprised everyone with some pretty great dancing moves, not once, but twice during the evening. Cupcakes were crushed in both the bride and the groom’s faces and much merriment was made. 

To round out the evening Meg and Joey popped out for a moment to take in the incredible sunset to the west, and on their way back in turned to see a stunning full moon rising up in the east. Congratulations, once again, my friends! May your days together be full of many more moonrises and sunsets and everything in between!