Nina & Terence – A Boston Skyline Sunrise Engagement Adventure

It’s 6:37 AM and only 22 degrees Fahrenheit on a Saturday morning. Do you know where your recently engaged friends are??? I do! ?

I’m so excited to share images from Nina & Terence’s sunrise engagement session last week!

Nina and Terence wanted to have their session at the Arboretum in Jamaica Plain. In trying to line up our schedules to make the shoot happen, we decided on a Saturday morning. Since we were going to be there on the early side, and the forecast was for temperatures only in the low teens, I asked if they would be brave enough to meet me on the banks of the Charles River in Cambridge before heading to the Arboretum. So, before the sun came up, we stood outside along Memorial Drive watching the early morning runners go by, waiting to make some magic happen.

It can be difficult to catch a sunset that includes the Boston skyline since the city is on the east coast, but that also means that you can definitely catch a sunrise if you are standing in the right place. We had a beautiful, clear morning, and though it was only 24 degrees out, Nina & Terence looked plenty warm to me as we watched the sun come up. 🙂

After a stroll along the Charles we headed over to Cafe Andala in Central Square. It is one of my favorite places in Cambridge, and one of the only ones in that area that is open at 7 am on a Saturday while most of the college students and hipsters are still sleeping. A cute little latte with decorative foam for Nina and a tea with citrus and honey for Terence and we were warm and refreshed and ready to go play in the snow!

The Arboretum, unsurprisingly, is beautiful even in winter. A storm had come through the night before  and had left a delicate coat of white snow on the trees and bushes. A veritable Winter Wonderland. It was still quite cold, even after the sun had come up, but that didn’t put any kind of a damper on these two! Nina & Terence have a young and yet soulful love for each other, and it is magnetic!

Thank you, Nina & Terence, for choosing to include me in your love story! I am looking forward to putting another Lee wedding in the books!!! (PS – Who has the car keys? LOL)