Showering Noelia

If you think you know what baby showers are all about, think again.

Yesterday’s amazing celebration was all about the beautiful mom-to-be, Noelia, thanks to the hard work of the Chafoya women&company. From the moment she glided into the room in her flowing baby blue gown, Noelia was showered with love and affection by all in attendance.

The ever-talented MC, and Noelia’s best friend ran a great show. Everyone spent the first part of the evening playing games that had people rolling in their seats with laughter, which was followed up with a Salvadoran/Ethiopian fusion dinner combining elements of both Noelia and daddy-to-be Abraham’s cultural heritage. Later everyone hit the dance floor for what could easily have been mistaken for a rocking wedding reception. What a blast!

To put it simply, as a soon-to-be mom, Noelia is absolutely radiant. Beautiful as always, with her beaming smile and bright eyes, and ever as thoughtful and concerned for others, even though she was the guest of honor. I am grateful for any opportunity to celebrate Noelia and humbled to be asked to document yet another chapter in her life.

There are so many adventures to come, Noelia! My heart is so happy for you and I can’t wait for you to hold your little boy in your arms!