Ladies & Gentlemen, Mr. Corey Rodrigues!

So this guy walks into a bar...

Ladies and gentleman, Mr. Corey Rodrigues! (Well, at least that’s how Conan, introduces him anyway😜😂)

Thanks to a virtual intro from the always fabulous

Marie MacIsaac, I got to meet Corey after one of his shows at the Worcester Beer Garden. I had shamelessly hounded him for a few days prior to that after Marie tagged me in his FB post asking about new headshots. Lucky for me he was gracious (and brave!) enough to grant me an audience, and then to hire me.
Corey’s set the night I met him was a breath of fresh, “this is how it is but at least we can laugh about it,” air. Just back from a COVID-imposed hiatus which encompassed the BLM movement, he touched on a lot of the tough issues we had been facing with ease and hilarity. From couples resenting each other’s cell phones while quarantined on the couch to his own discoveries about racially charged cultural icons, Corey made it easy and acceptable for us to laugh and shake our heads at the same time.
Corey and I got together a few weeks after his show in my studio space in Worcester (love you @bestudios!). Being a late night kinda guy, we planned for an evening shoot which finally wrapped a few hours later on Shrewsbury Street (where I even saw an a old chum (Sean do you remember seeing me??? 😂)). Throughout the whole thing I felt much more like I was working with a friend of mine than with some critically acclaimed and famous comedy hot shot (which Corey is, BTW. If you haven’t checked him out you MUST! and if you have kids check out Corey’s Stories
It was late and I was tired, but I walked away from my shoot with Corey feeling immensely grateful. He has been so many places and done so many things, but he still showed up to my little studio and put his faith in me. And I think we nailed it.
Corey is an awesome human. He is full of life and a kind of moving energy that just makes you feel good. He’s incredibly humble. He’s astonishingly inquisitive (ahem, just let me know ahead of time if any of my ridiculousness makes it into your act 😜). And more than anything, he is SO. REAL.
Thank you Corey for this incredible opportunity and the chance to get to know you. Until next time, break a leg!