Diane on the Delaney – A Massachusetts Maternity Photo Adventure

There's always magic on the Delaney...

Today’s gloomy day had me longing for the beauty of a winter afternoon like the one that Diane and I spent out on the Delaney. It might have been freezing, but the freshly fallen snow on the conservation land kissed by an orange sunset glow was perfection. Beyond capturing some fantastic images, Diane and I had a blast. I don’t think we realized it going in, but both of us really needed that afternoon together. The whole thing made me feel like we were back in grade school – laughing and slipping as we trudged across what seemed like arctic tundra, setting up a makeshift changing station, marveling at the deer pee in the snow. I didn’t have a care in the world (other than making sure that we got from one end of the basin to the other before the sun ducked behind the trees LOL).

I love a woman who knows what she wants, and frankly I can’t think of a better way to describe Diane. She is a boss at work and in life, no question. And getting it done, whatever the job, is simply not enough for Diane. She knows her value and has leveraged her talents and experience to create programs at work designed to help others, ensuring that she can make a difference in the world in addition to bringing home the bacon. And that of course is in addition to being an amazing role model for her (soon to be two) daughters, a loving wife and a world traveler. DAMN!

Diane, I am so grateful that we had this chance to spend some time playing in the woods together! I love the images that we created and I hope you wake up every day feeling like the star that you are!!! xoxoxo