Welcome to the World, Jacob! A cozy newborn photo session at home

And Jacob makes four!

To know the Richer fam is to love them. And that was true when it was just Laurie, Tim and Josh. Now that they’ve added Baby Jacob to the mix, get ready to fall in love with all of them, all over again.

Jacob (little JP!) arrived at the end November, but I didn’t get a chance to meet him for real until just yesterday (damn you, COVID!). At just about 2 months old he has already had the chance to develop his own personality, and he fits into the Richer fam like the missing piece of a puzzle. Perfectly. Jacob is, in a word, chill. I mean, he got a little fussy when he was tired, and apparently the witching hour can be tough some nights, but for the most part, Jacob is as cool as a cucumber. He spent the first part of the morning reading in his baby swing while the rest of the family got themselves ready (which included Josh pulling a “Risky Business” down the hall LOL), and then joined us to be the incredibly gracious star of the show.

I know that the last year has been a tough one for the Richers. As a nurse at UMASS, Laurie spent much of the first wave of the pandemic on the front lines, working in a COVID ward. Her heartwrenching experiences with patients were compounded by their family decision to live separately during this time, to avoid the potential for spreading the virus. As difficult as things were for Laurie they were equally as tough for Tim and Josh who had to stay away from her, during a time when they all needed each other so much. With all the things that the Richers have been through, while simultaneously remaining attentive to the needs of others, it brings so much joy to my heart to see them all together now, thriving, with their newest addition safe at home.

From what I can tell, Jacob is bringing out the best in people whose hearts were already bigger than most. In the case of Joshua, who has always been full of life and excitement, the big brother role has brought out an enormous sense of pride and an enthusiasm I hadn’t seen before. Not even for power tools. Josh was so eager to show me his brother, to kiss him, and to help him with his pacifier. He simply beamed with love when he stood at the side of his brother’s baby swing, wanting to share with Jacob all of his joy for the world. And Jacob, calm and collected, was happy to take it all in with patience and wonder.

When it comes to Tim and Laurie, it seems to me that Jacob has completed the beautiful life that they began to build the day they met (or rather, if you ask my husband, the day he claims to be responsible for getting Tim to ask Laurie out LOL). I mean, Tim and Laurie have always been some of my most “grown up” friends (and I mean that with total admiration as I’m just getting to the grown-up phase, myself hahahaha) but the way they did the two-kid juggle (between naps and bottles and mild tantrums and toy pickup) was handled as if by a well-oiled machine that had been working that way forever. And on top of it all, they still require zero prompting to look at each other lovingly and laugh, clearly enjoying that they get to share this amazing time in their lives with one another. And that’s. Just. Beautiful.

Thank you Laurie and Tim for sharing your amazing family with me. For inviting me in to escape the crazy world outside for a few hours and revel in your joy. You never cease to inspire me with all the good things that you do and I am so grateful for the gift of capturing these moments with you! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo