The Weese Family on Barn Island – A Family Maternity Photography Adventure

A beautiful spot to photograph a beautiful family!

The Weese family wanted a special way to celebrate their family of three (+ pup!) and the upcoming arrival of their new baby girl. A family maternity photography adventure was a perfect way to do that!

Barn Island in Stonington, CT was an ideal spot for us to head out with the Weese family. The trails are accessible and easy to navigate, and the landscape is beyond incredible! We didn’t have to go very far to find many beautiful locations bathed in the golden late afternoon light. I enjoy taking family photos at any time of day, but there really is something magical about that sunset hour!

Since our session, the Weese family welcomed their healthy baby girl into the world, promoting their eldest daughter to big sister. I’m looking forward to our followup family session to capture them on another family photography adventure, this time as a family of four (+ pup!).

Barn Island in Stonington, CT was the perfect location for this family maternity photography session. We didn’t have to go far to find some incredible spots!