A Rhode Island Adventure

A Family Photo Adventure From the Wetherill to Beavertail

When Katie Wallace-Yeaton of Bravehearts Photography asked my to do her family photos this year, my jaw dropped. Katie is an accomplished wedding and family photographer that I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with, beginning shortly after we moved here. I am generally in awe of her work and have the utmost respect for her. And here was this amazing photographer asking ME to take her family photos. Whhaaaa???

As a documentary family photographer like me, Katie really wanted to have a family photography adventure session. Which is awesome because it is my absolute favorite thing to do with families! For our adventure session, we decided on Jamestown, RI as our home base. There are plenty of great things to do in very close proximity to one another, which made it easy to have lots of variety, and lots of fun during our time together.

We began at Fort Wetherill where we explored the abandoned fort, climbed the rocks over the beach and headed down to the docks for some fishing. After that, we took an ice cream break over at the Wicked Whisk. Yum! After that it was time to run off all that delicious sugar. So we headed to the playground in Jamestown to try out all the great equipment they have there.

As the day started to wind down we headed up to the Jamestown Windmill to catch a view of the Newport Bridge. Sunset was quickly approaching so we drove down to our final destination: Beavertail Lighthouse. This beautiful Rhode Island state park was the perfect place to end our family photography adventure session. The wind had picked up and the Yeaton family was able to fly a kite as the sun set behind them over the ocean.

Our family photography adventure session was the perfect way to capture the Yeaton Family being themselves and having fun. No one had to worry about “saying cheese,” or looking at the camera. They could experience the day knowing that they would have amazing photos to treasure the memories forever!

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