Avec Le Famille Paquin

Paquin: originating in the east of France, meaning “he who owns pastures and is smart.”

Let me just say, it is a crazy honor that when Michaela Paquin (THE Kayla Ursua!!!) wanted family photos done, she asked me to do them. BANANAS. I may no longer be the lowly underclassman, but I’m not going to lie, it still feels really cool. PLUS, this woman does amazing things in her professional life and knows all kinds of people out there. To summarize my babbling, I am incredibly grateful to have made Michaela’s short list (insert smiley face with the blushing cheeks).

The last time that the Paquins and I got together, we spent the afternoon in a bitterly cold sandstorm, so a sunny fall day at Moore State  Park was a most welcome change. It is always good to see Michaela’s beautiful face (even after a loooooong car ride ;). Kenley was totally stylin’ as always, full of that joyful and mischievous sparkle that simply radiates from her being. And (thankfully) Scott came along with his fantastic smile, prepared for anything, knowing full well there was probably a job for him somewhere in all of this.

I am totally in awe of the amount of love that this little family trio exudes. Like little happy puzzle pieces they fit together perfectly – all cuddly and smiley just because they get the chance to be close to one another. It is frankly amazing (and inspiring) that Michaela and Scott still have such warm fuzzies for each other after being together for, well, almost forever (Scott, I’m dying to know what you whispered in her ear!). And Kenley’s obvious adoration and love for both of her devoted parents is practically tangible. I love seeing them all together!!!

Thank you Michaela for the opportunity to spend time with your awesome family. Thank you again, Scott, for your excellent work as a lighting assistant. I’d have you back in a heartbeat! And thank you Kenley, for being such a wonderful little sprite! (M&S you guys are in trouuuuble LOL) Looking forward to more fun with you guys in the future! xo