Michelle & Zack – A Wachusett Mountain Engagement

Are you ready for Michelle and Zack? I wasn’t!! ;).  From the top of Wachusett to the brewery down below, these two knocked it out of the park. Energy, chemistry, passion, and fun. I loved working with them!

First of all, Michelle you, totally blew me away with this fierce playfulness that I really didn’t see coming. AMAZING. And Zack (you lucky guy you!) you were up for anything which allowed us to get a great range of images. Second, and more importantly, I found myself fascinated by your conversations. I hung back a bit towards the end of the shoot and just kinda took you guys in as you relaxed together. You two have been together for years, but the interest and passion with which you spoke and listened to one another was still fresh and intense. I can totally see you rocking away on the front porch years from now, completely lost in some equally deep and interesting conversation, oblivious to anyone but each other and totally happy.

Michelle and Zack were actually on the fence about an engagement session at the beginning, but looking at the pictures, I think it’s pretty safe to say it was worth it. Engagement sessions (can I get an E-Sesh!) are great for so many reasons. They give you a chance to get to know your photographer, and for your photog to learn a little more about you as a couple. Also, there is almost ZERO pressure at an engagement shoot. On your wedding day, there will be soooo much going on that it may be hard to relax. Take an E-Sesh as an opportunity to be together and have fun in some awesome place AND get great photos at the same time. They will be memories to treasure for years to come :).

Congratulations M&Z!!! Can’t wait for next year!!!