Sam & Matt: A Sudbury Wedding at Longfellow’s Wayside Inn

A man and a woman.... and a pug

In these trying COVID times, it’s great to see love coming out on top. Instead of looking at the new gathering restrictions as an obstacle to their plans, the Sam & Matt took this opportunity to make their wedding day about the things that matter most. They weren’t giving up a big wedding, they were simply focusing on those simple things that are essential to happiness. And Sam, Matt and I all know all about the importance of keeping things simple. Wink, wink.

Even though they were a small group, the “girls getting ready” portion of the day was full of laughter and love. Listening to the stories about Sam’s grandmother and the previous evening’s card games had me belly laughing along with the crew. There were adventures with superglue and a strawberry milkshake run while the dogs scuttled around underfoot. And of course, Sam – head tossed back in a laugh in between bouts of casual cursing that might make someone blush (but not me LOL).

The Martha Mary Chapel at the Wayside Inn was a perfect spot for an intimate wedding. And a perfect place for the real star of the show to make his entrance and entertain the crowd. Cody, Sam & Matt’s beloved pug trotted down the isle in his tux and took his place up on the altar like a pro. The ceremony was officiated by one of Sam’s best friends, and between her speech and the vows that Sam and Matt wrote for each other, there was barely a dry eye in the house.

One of the greatest things about Sam and Matt’s was how real it was. No pomp, no circumstance, just two people who love one another dearly being themselves, together, with their closest family and friends. Although in reality I have spent very little time with Sam, we share a bond that has made me feel so close to her since the day we met. She is unapologetically Sam and I love that about her. And you can see that Matt does too. His smile when she came down the aisle. His attentiveness to her and what she needed during the day. It was so genuine and loving. And I am beyond happy for them, for Cody, and for the little girl who will make her appearance in just a few months.

Matt and Sam, thank you so much for allowing me to have a front row seat to your day. For including me in your jokes. For sharing your cheese. LOL. I cannot wait to see you two become the wonderful parents you are bound to be. Xoxoxo