Lauren & Josh – From Bancroft Tower to the Farm – A Worcester Engagement Story

Kissin' until the cows come home...

One of my favorite things about Josh and Lauren is that they are both dreamers. From fairy tale castles to weddings in Kauai – we’ve talked about some far-out-there venue possibilities, but that’s half the fun of it! And “settling” on the Mansion at Bald Hill for next year’s festivities is nothing to gloss over – no matter what, these two are going to have the day of their dreams. That’s why, for their E-Session, we had to make a few stops just to make sure we captured as much magic as possible.

Lauren & Josh are ALL ABOUT each other, and it shows in their photos. They made my job so easy! There was so much giggling and snuggling throughout the afternoon that I was pretty sure they forgot I was there on several occasions!

I’m so glad that the two of you have your heads in the clouds, and that you get to be up there dreaming together! I don’t care if you ever have your feet on the ground, but at the least please make sure that Josh keeps his feet on the roof (he installs solar for a living LOL). You guys are so awesome!!! xoxoxoxo