An aMAZEing Afternoon With Erin & Rob – A Central Mass Corn Maze Engagement Session

Out of the tree tunnel and into the corn maze...

I am undoubtedly a summer person. I like spring because it means summer is coming, but I could usually do without the rest. This year, however, has been different. And these two were a huge part of making fall much more than just a prelude to the bleak of winter for me.

Erin and Rob have something great. They haven’t known each other for “a long time” but they have spent a great deal of their relationship together in quarantine, which means they are pretty much already married as far as I’m concerned! LOL

Love in the time of Corona… It actually looks great. Erin and Rob are full of life and full of laughs- including the slightly off-color, “don’t usually say those things until after the 2nd baby” humor that makes them so real and so wonderful.

My afternoon with Erin and Rob was awesome. It made me feel like a total kid again. We romped in the field and hid from spiders under the trees. We hung out with a hunting party. We splashed in the puddles (mostly accidentally but we laughed a lot anyway) and played under the trees. And then we went and just got lost together. The corn maze was the perfect place to end our day as we ran around in circles, chased our tails and finally made it out, thanks almost entirely to Rob (and Erin, by default, since she picked him!).

Erin & Rob… I’m so excited to see what the next year brings for the two of you as you plan your wedding and grow together in these crazy COVID times. And I can’t wait for our next adventure together!