Kim & Marlene – A Connecticut Waterfall Engagement Session

On the banks of their next adventure...

My first introduction to Kim was on the kickball field. For years I enjoyed watching her (regularly) crush the competition alongside her siblings, week after week, as I clicked away from the sidelines. I know I ran into Marlene here and there when she and Kim started dating, but it wasn’t until Kim’s sister Nicky’s wedding that I really got to meet her and see the two of them together as a couple. One thing I’ll never forget (and I haven’t told either one of them this), was the way that I saw Marlene looking up from the audience at Kim as she stood at the altar with the bridal party. Her eyes were so full of love! Nicky and Neal may have been the ones getting married that day, but there was no question in my mind that another Vescera wedding would be coming down the line!

After all of those years on the kickball field, it was a breath of fresh air to explore woods with Kim, Marlene and their pup Haley for their engagement session. Haley is not exactly a spring chicken, but she did a great job keeping up as we climbed up and down the rocks at Diana’s Pool in Chaplin, Connecticut. The rushing water provided a soothing soundtrack to our fall afternoon full of laughter, snuggles and love. It was so sweet to spend time with this trio of lovely ladies, and I have to give them props on their outfit coordination – all the way down to Haley’s “my human’s are getting married” bandana. And as much as Kim says she’s shy, I can’t tell you what was sparkling more – the ring she gave Marlene or her smile as she got to be close to the woman that she loves.

Kim and Marlene – we’re still about 200 days out, but I’m already so excited to celebrate your wedding with you! I’ve seen what a Vescera fiesta is like in the mountains, and I’m dying to see what happens when we take the party to the beach!  Come on September! Let’s get it started!!!